Color Run

No, not THAT Color Run. My version involved stopping every five minutes to take photos of the vibrant colors I saw during my run today. Effective training run? Hardly. Fun and good for the soul? Absolutely. Advertisements

Weekend Warrior

Lately, weekends are when I get my runs in because I cannot seem to wake up in the mornings before work. It’s just a matter of willpower…willpower that I currently do not possess. But here’s hoping that it’ll come with the warmer weather, and the start of training for the NYC Marathon. Fingers crossed.

Just One Thing

I just found out about this book today (released yesterday, I believe). New York City is so unique, and I (like many others, I’m sure) have such a love-hate relationship with this damn place. How do other people view this city? What do they remember? How do they relate? Where they met their first love?…

The Night Market

Earlier this week, on a whim, I entered to win a pair of tickets to The Night Market, courtesy of McKenzie Mahoney at Lo and behold, I won! (Thanks @mmmguide!) So I dragged the husband out to 168 Bowery this evening, also known as The Old Bowery Station. We (well, mostly me) stuffed our faces…

NYC 1993

The New Museum has put together this fantastic project, called “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star”, utilizing the pay phones around the city. Pick up a phone, and hear an account of what the area you’re calling from was like back in 1993. The official New Museum exhibition page here and the Facebook…