Just One Thing

Browsing through Instagram recently, I came across the beautiful ceramic works of Suite One Studio.

From Suite One Studio's Instagram page.
From Suite One Studio’s Instagram page.

The plates and bowls are so delicate, with the most gorgeous colors, often with touches of gold. Each piece is slightly different, and you can tell that they are all made with so much love and care.

In particular, I’m totally and completely crushing on the deep navy with gold flecks – the color is so rich, and it reminds me of the night sky. I also quite like the simple elegance of the white and gold pieces, too, though. So much prettiness. I can’t handle it.

Instagram @suiteonestudio
Instagram @suiteonestudio
Suite One Studio gold-brushstroke-bowls_large
Gold Brushstroke Bowls

Seriously gorgeous. When I move back to the U.S. and stop moving around, stocking up on a few of these special pieces will definitely be on my to-do list. Until then, I will lust from afar.

Oh, and apparently I was inspired, because I did my nails and they came out like this:

Ombre nails


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