A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Slicing Mangos

Sooo…Happy New Year. Apparently it’s already February.

Anyway, here’s another quick kitchen how-to that I picked up somewhere (I don’t remember where, otherwise I’d give credit). Today it’s about how to slice up a mango in a pretty easy, fuss-free way (at least, I think so).

Up until recently, I’ve always sliced off the two sides of a mango, then cut them up cross-hatch style. This is the one most people are probably familiar with – you cut a grid into the flesh without going through the skin, turn it inside out (like those old rubber popper toys) and then slice off the little cubes. I never really mastered this technique, always feeling like I was leaving too much fruit behind on the skin, and mostly did it because I liked turning the fruit inside out to resemble a little hedgehog.

Mango 1

SO. Give this a try. You start the same way, by slicing off the two sides of the fruit as close as possible to the pit. Now, grab a sturdy wide mouth glass or jar.

Mango 2

Take one of the mango “cheeks” and hold it so that the flesh is facing in towards the glass, and the skin is facing out. You’re going to have the lip of the glass basically slice between the edible stuff and the non-edible stuff. Angle the mango piece so that the lip of the glass is between the flesh and skin, and firmly (but gently) start pressing the fruit down and in. The curve of the glass should fit pretty well with the curve of the fruit – just keep applying pressure to the outside of the fruit and guide it along so that you’re getting as much fruit as possible.

Mango 3

When you’re done, there will be one solid piece of mango sitting in the glass.

Mango 4

Once you’ve peeled the other piece of mango, just slice them up in whatever way you want (cubes, wedges, haphazard, whatever). I like to throw it all in a bowl with a healthy squeeze of lemon juice – I’m a big fan of the tart/sweet combo. I suppose you could be like the mango lady in NYC and stick the entire thing on a stick with a sprinkle of lime and chili salt (which, by the way, is another fantastic flavor combo).

Mango 5

Mango 6

Bonus, you’ll also end up with a small shot glass worth of mango juice. Sling it back and refresh yourself after all that hard work. Or, you know, add a little vodka while you’re at it.

Of course, there’s still the pit. I don’t have any advice for you here because I usually take the skin off with a paring knife and then just gnaw on the entire thing, elbows on the kitchen counter, juice dripping down my hands. This usually ends up with me looking like The Joker’s kid sister, the corners of my mouth stained a lovely yellow-orange.

I’m classy like that.

But really, no joke. Sometimes I think that food tastes best when it’s eaten casually as you lean against the counter, taking it straight off the chopping board or right out of the pan. With your fingers. (Wait, is this my SSB? Too late. Now you all know.)


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  1. Emily K says:

    Happy new year! 😀 mmm~ looks yummy~ :9 great description and nice pics!

    1. YokoLily says:

      Thank you!! And thanks for linking me on your blog – I JUST noticed yesterday 😛

    1. YokoLily says:

      Hope it works for you! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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