A Snippet of Daily Life

We’ve recently been experiencing some load shedding here. Load shedding (or rolling blackouts) occurs because the demand for electricity is greater than what can be supplied across the network.
So, in order to avoid a complete blackout, electricity is purposely stopped in various regions for time periods usually ranging around 3-4 hours. If you’re unlucky, you could be without power for hours or days…

It’s a reminder that South Africa is still a developing country – a third world country with first world ambitions, they say.

The last time the power went out, I kept myself busy by drinking a glass of wine while making shadow puppets on the wall (how old am I?) and reading a Kindle by candlelight (does anyone else see the humour in that?).



I’ve also started participating in a ParkRun that takes place at a nearby zoo/farm/park. For someone who has predominantly been a road runner, tackling this 5k cross country-like course has been challenging but incredibly fun. It’s pretty thrilling to run through the velds (fields) with the morning dew still clinging to the grass and the big open sky above you. There are horses that graze in the open field near the start/finish, and I visit these lovely creatures afterwards to give them a good pat and scratch. It makes me want to pick up horse back riding again.

There is also a little apiary tucked away in the woods, just off the running path, as well as a camel and donkeys that also seem to roam freely. New York, this is not. And I kind of love it.



Rietvlei camel


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