Views, Insects, Plants

You can’t really tell, but I took these photos from halfway up a hill, in an attempt to get a better view. Later on, I googled to find out if this hill had a name and if I had been climbing on private property. Instead, I found an article about how an 18 year old girl had been kidnapped, doused in petrol, and set alight during a satanic ritual atop this hill. Soooo…Yeah. The next time I go running around here, I don’t think I’ll be climbing up this hill of satanic worshippers again…




We found this guy on the floor after one of my mother-in-law’s cats had its way with it. Poor thing’s wings are a bit mangled but I just love the coloring of it!


Our cat found this guy to play with…I later had to go around picking up legs and broken wings. *sigh*
We also have lots of crickets and ants that like to invade our home…but at least we haven’t seen any roaches!



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