Making Mayo

After making the meringue for devil’s food cupcakes this past weekend (post and pictures to come soon), I had a few egg yolks leftover. What to do, what to do? Make a custard? Pastry cream? Throw them away?
Wait! Can’t you make mayo at home with just a few simple ingredients? (Or, at least that’s what I had read…somewhere…)
A quick Google search led to a NYT recipe that included suggestions for variations. A scan through some of my cookbooks led to an Alton Brown recipe.
Combining the two (and making a couple of substitutions here and there), I found myself with 2 cups of tangy homemade mayonnaise in less than 15 minutes.
Now, what to do with all of this mayo…with a shelf life of a week, at best, because of the raw egg yolks involved, I’ve a jar of waiting to be consumed in a variety of ways.
Last night, I made baked fries and dipped them in mayo mixed with Harissa. Highly recommended.




5 Comments Add yours

    1. YokoLily says:

      Sooooo much mayonnaise!

  1. Kelly V says:

    Yum! Got any left? You could make the best potato salad ever with homemade mayo!

    1. YokoLily says:

      That’s been my plan this entire week but I keep not having time! Perhaps tonight will be the night 🙂

      1. Kelly V says:

        Wish I was eating with you! 🙂

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