That Time I Felt Like an Overprivileged, First World Jerk

That title just says it all, doesn’t it? For the past few months, I’ve been doing weekly Pilates sessions in the center of Maboneng – a hip, artsy, on-the-rise enclave within central Johannesburg. I’ve mentioned a tiny bit about Maboneng before, but since then I’ve been spending more and more time there and trying to get to…

City of Gold Urban Art Festival 2015

Several weeks ago, I went on a walking tour at the tail end of the annual City of Gold Festival in Johannesburg. Walking around Jeppestown, we were shown various works of graffiti art, some on broken down walls, others high up on buildings. There’s no denying the talent or dedication of these underground urban artists.


Here’s a short piece I worked on for a client’s blog about #MyAsianAmericanStory (link below). If you haven’t heard of it, or haven’t been following the movement, it’s well worth looking up.

Just One Thing

Browsing through Instagram recently, I came across the beautiful ceramic works of Suite One Studio.

Chocolate Pots de Crème

Sometimes you need something rich and decadent. This is one of those things. Chocolate pots de crème, accented by a coffee flavor (if you want). And this is a no-bake recipe. Great for warm weather (which we have here in South Africa at the moment – Northern Hemisphere folks, sorry about the snow and stuff).