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City of Gold Urban Art Festival 2015


Here’s a short piece I worked on for a client’s blog about #MyAsianAmericanStory (link below). If you haven’t heard of it, or haven’t been following the movement, it’s well worth looking up. Continue reading “#MyAsianAmericanStory”

Just One Thing

Browsing through Instagram recently, I came across the beautiful ceramic works of Suite One Studio.
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Chocolate Pots de Crème

Sometimes you need something rich and decadent. This is one of those things. Chocolate pots de crème, accented by a coffee flavor (if you want). And this is a no-bake recipe. Great for warm weather (which we have here in South Africa at the moment – Northern Hemisphere folks, sorry about the snow and stuff).
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A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Slicing Mangos

Sooo…Happy New Year. Apparently it’s already February.

Anyway, here’s another quick kitchen how-to that I picked up somewhere (I don’t remember where, otherwise I’d give credit). Today it’s about how to slice up a mango in a pretty easy, fuss-free way (at least, I think so).
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