Fruity Ideas

What I’ve been making lately with fruit: Dried (dehydrated) oranges. Sprinkle sugar on the slices before sticking them in the oven for a few hours on a low temperature. It gives a little… Continue reading

Cheap Haircuts in Chinatown

When you have Asian hair, you don’t let just anyone cut it. Before I knew this, I had had my fair share of bad haircuts, done by stylists who weren’t used to cutting… Continue reading

Views, Insects, Plants

You can’t really tell, but I took these photos from halfway up a hill, in an attempt to get a better view. Later on, I googled to find out if this hill had… Continue reading

Checkerboard Cookies

Recipe from Joy of Baking. This was my first attempt at making these classic checkerboard cookies so the only things I changed in this recipe were omitting the hazelnuts and orange zest. I… Continue reading

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